KayakPro's CatchForce ERG

Was just the machine I was looking for during my search for a machine that mimics the kayak stroke and allows me to actually pivot pass the blade. Unlike other machines that give you the experience of shoveling water backwards (like in a kayak moored to the dock), the CatchForce demonstrates that the blade doesn’t move. What moves is the seat (or resistance) where I can add 5 or 10 pound compact dumbbells to it for additional resistance. I also alternate between using the normal top hand kayak grip (thumb down) and the baseball (thumb up) grip.

I really like this machine very much, that I juat ordered the adjustable canoe shaft with T-grip handle for it. I’m just suggesting this machine as an alternative or complement to other paddling ERGs this winter.

Or you could just continue paddling year-round, with the appropriate cold water gear and skills.

Open water, yes, can be a challenge sometimes… but almost always some to be found within an hour of me even in February (SW Ontario, Canada).