Kayaks and cold weather fishing

-- Last Updated: Apr-21-14 8:22 PM EST --

Is it correct to assume most people use a Sit-in kayak when fishing in cold water/temps? Or is it just a matter of dressing properly and using a SOT kayak?

I tend to use my jon boat when the weather/water temp is cold.

I'm looking into replacing my kayak, and am unsure what to buy, as I live in Wisconsin. Thanks for any advice.

Warmth of cockpit
For shoulder season fishing a cockpit is a big advantage. Your lower body is not only dry but out of the elements with a cockpit cover. Tucked into a kayak it is surprisingly warm. A SOT is a disaster in cold conditions unless you have a good dry suit.

Kayak fishing
Thanks. I’ll probably continue what I’ve been doing. Use the jon boat when it’s too cold.