Kayaks & canoe paddles

Haven’t used a canoe paddle in 40 years but this weekend a canoe paddler was having trouble keeping the canoe straight so I swapped my AquaBound 230 for his Bending Branches bent paddle then cranked the old Kestrel to 4.3 mph in a straight line and paddled 25 miles with it. Although I don’t recommend it as a paddle of choice for a kayak…it was different.

Paddlin’ on


You’re half way to canoes, now!
Next week you’ll be using your kayak paddle in his canoe :slight_smile:

I’ve used my bent shaft canoe paddle in two of my sea kayaks and it works pretty well. I plan take it on many of my outings in the kayaks now.

you know what they say

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"Half the paddle twice the man"--Bob Myron

I kid the local yakkers
paddling WW with “half the paddle, twice the boat…”

I tell 'em
half the paddle requires twice the skill.

half the paddle
twice the ego!

half the paddle
twice the boat…? Dang, you’re onto me.

How about…
“Twice the paddle, half the skill?”

Little boat, big stick…
Big boat, little stick.