kayaks for 6'4" paddler

a friend of mine started kayaking a year ago, and i want to start too, but i can’t seem to find a fitting kayak. i’m 6’4.4", but i’m not a fat guy, and it seems hard finding a fitting model.

can any of you advise me some kayak models? i’d mostly use it to play in the waves, here in the belgian north sea.

Eddyline Fathom
I am 6’5" 245lb. Last night I sat in an Eddyline Fathom and it was the best fit of any kayak I have sat in so far. There are a couple other boats that I fit in “ok” The Current Designs Sirocco is one, but the Fathom felt like it was made for me.

tempest 180
might be a possibillity?

not that kind
i’m actually looking more towards a rodeo/whitewater/freestyle playboat to play in the waves.

I’m 6’4"
at about 180lb and fit in surprisingly many kayaks. The Wilderness Systems Tempest 180 may be too big for you if you just want to “play in waves”. The 170 will be a better match, may need to move the seat/footpegs away from each other by an inch or so to fit perfectly.

I don’t know what brands are available to you in Europe, but do try the Cetus MV if you can. I also fit quite well in the Nordkap LV and many of the Current Designs kayaks.

Most kayaks will accommodate taller folks if the footpegs are moved a couple of inches forward from their max point.

Or build something like the Nick Schade’s Petrel, which also is a good fit for folks under 200lb.

Depending on your shoe

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size, you might fit in some of the largest versions or the next down in WW boats.

Do you by "rodeo/freestyle" you mean "playboat" such as these?


If so, the Jackson MonStar will fit if your feet are up to about size 46-48 (12-13US). I have size 49/50 (15 US) and with the seat all the way back I am still sitting on the edge of the seat for a marginally comfortable fit, and that's barefoot with all the air out of the squishy feet cushion.

I don't know what else will fit you in the true play boat segment. In the play/river, you may fit in the Jackson Super Fun. You will fit in the WaveSport Fuse 64 for sure (I do) and I can't even sit in the next size down, the 56.

The problem for tall folks and play boats is that to accommodate our long legs the boats are so big that they are no longer as playful as designed. On flat water the MonStar has so much volume that a slim but tall person has very hard time to do some tricks that shorter or heavier paddlers can do in the smaller version of the same model boats. A playboat close to 7 feet long will obviously not be as playful as the 5-6 footers that shorter folks squeeze-in...

In the river running boats you can fit in quite a few, so it will be a question of availability and personal likes.

"Play in the waves"
I should also mention that I am not sure what you are after. In a true short playboat or even a cross-over design b/w play and river such as my WaveSport Fuse, you can indeed have fun bobbing up and down and catching steep or foamy waves.

But, you can’t surf them as good as a surf boat or run against some tide current like you can do in a surf boat or in a longer boat respectively. They are way too slow to catch anything but very steep waves for surfing - with a short sea kayak I actually have more fun in small waves than with the WW boat.

I’m not sure how it would be for the waves, but I find the Dagger Animas a good fit for my 6’3", 190 lbs.


Tiderace Xplore will fit, so will a
Nordkapp, Eddyline Nighhawk 17.5, Romany Surf, Aquanaut, Greenlander Pro, Explorer HV, Fathom, KS Vivianne, ETC ETC. What are you looking for from your boat? This will help narrow down the large selection available to people your size. Bill

My Animas is a bit tight for my 6’ 5"
frame. I had to window the seat sides for my hip sockets, and I plan to change the top front wall support because it interferes with shooting my knees into the boat.

I could just go out and buy a Dagger Axiom, but the largest size was similarly tight for entry.

Qcc 500x
I’m 6’3" with size 13.5 feet. Finding a kayak to feet me and my feet was a chore. I ended up getting an QCC 500x kayak. I actually don’t have the foot peddles all the way back with this boat! Lots of space.

Qcc 500x
I’m 6’3" with size 13.5 feet. Finding a kayak to feet me and my feet was a chore. I ended up getting an QCC 500x kayak. I actually don’t have the foot peddles all the way back with this boat! Lots of space.

for the longlegged
my vertically abundant friends love these.they are tall athletic people.

Kajaksport Viviane

Current Designs Extreme ( the HV version if you

need the extra deck clearance.)

P&H Cetus

Impex Assateague

These are great but,

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the guy wants a "freestyle/rodeo" boat. By my definition these are in the 6' length range...

Most of the ones you list are for a paddler heavier than 200lb by a good margin and about 3x the length of a rodeo/freestyle boat -;)

i found me a second hand perception ultra clean last week and bought it for 300€ (with paddle and dry skirt).

This should work well!
Good luck with the new boat!

lol you’re right
read the OP’s initial post and not the one further down about playin’ in the waves.

That would’ve led me to suggest a surfski or fitness kayak… but it sounds like he made a nice choice.