Kayaks for Big Women

I am a 44 yr old woman, 5’7" about 270 lbs (but losing, have lost 50 lbs so far) who discovered kayaking a couple of years ago from a friend who is also a big woman.

I found I loved kayaking and want to get one of my own. I enjoy bringing my dog with me as well and she weighs about 63lbs. That being said, a SOT isn’t really an option.

Any suggestions?

Tsunami 145 sans dog
The Tsunami 145 is a great fit for a bigger person. But cockpit not big enough for a dog.

I’m fat and have a HUGE dog, Newfoundland, already over 125 lbs and just turned 8 months old. Trying to find perfect kayak or tow combo.

For your dog’s size you have more options. You can use a tandem or a solo with a large cockpit.

Some folks prefer paddling a canoe with a dog, and the Native Watercraft Ultimate is recommended for a hybrid.


Native Watercraft
Thanks. I really like the looks of the Marvel 14.5 solo. Looks like there is plenty of room for me and Mags. However, the cost is a bit much for my budget.

Depends a lot on
cockpit sizing and layout to accommodate hip size and leg fit for comfort, as well as weight. The Old Town Vapor 12 XT is pretty roomy, handles up to 375lbs, seems to be a pretty decent boat and can be found for decent prices. You want to consider how easy a boat will be for you to load and haul to the water as well. It may work for carrying a dog, but I’m not much on doing that in a kayak. I like the Tsunami 145 too, and the cockpit works well for a big guy in a comparable weight range, but I’m about 6’4" too. The Vapor 12 XT seemed to have more seat room.

Wilderness Pungo 120
I would suggest a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120.

Very nice to see you take the dog with you!!


2nd The Pungo…but
I’d go with the 14’ Pungo140 if you want to take the dog. My dog is 60-65lbs and its tight in a Pungo120 for both of us. (I weigh 260) You’ll also be ridin’ low with the weight rating.

The Native Marvel is similar to the Pungo in size and capability. Prefer the Pungo for resale.

You might want to consider a canoe if you want to paddle with the dog…just sayin’

I have two kayaks and ended up buying a Wenonah Solo+

for paddling with George.

I would think an SOT would be best
Why not an sot? Just wondering. I think its an ideal boat for a dog in the tank well in back.

Boston Whaler
Teasing…Lot’s of kayaks will work for you, especially the stuff designed in recent years.

Just to ask…

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why is a SOT (or a canoe for that matter) not an option? With the dog in the picture as well, it's harder to make a SINK work regardless of other issues. If it is a matter of loading and unloading it cartop, there may be people here who can help with tricks they have found. And a cart will get it to the water.

One other consideration is that you are still losing weight - so this may not be the best time to purchase a more expensive boat. Something like the Pungo will get you on more protected waters and will still be a good guest/climb around creeks type boat should you go for something sleeker for yourself down the road. And Pungos should be around used within weeks, as tourist places thin their fleets.

140, with or without dog
I tipped the scales at 275 for a while - definitely go with the 140 over the 120. I could tell a HUGE difference in the feel of the boat.