Kayaks For Bigfoot?

I am looking for a touring kayak model with foot room! I have a Perception Eclipse and am not happy with the foot room. I like to wear some sort of water shoes and my feet end up squashed in one way or another depending on their position. I like plastic boats w/ rudders. I do a lot of week long kayak camping type trips so I’m looking somewhere in the nighborhood of 16.5’+. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Here is one

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Sorry, I couldn't help it. Pretty sure this is not what you are looking for.
There are thinner water socks that you can wear rather than limiting your boat selection. If you insist, try any high volume boat. I recommend Prijon Kodiak.

CD Storm
One of the first fully capable plastic sea kayaks. Basically a Solstice in plastic. Well regarded and often used for big water and camping.

I have size 14’s…
… which don’t fit in a lot of boats. My footwear has become neoprene socks, and on really cold days, I’ll wear some polypro liners under those. This makes my feet take up as little room as possible, which is still a lot.

There are some good boats that I could recommend, although I’m not sure what kind of paddling you’re looking to do: Dagger Sitka, Tempest 180, Chatham 18, Northwest Synergy HV, Delta 17 and 18. These are all touring kayaks, and I’m sure there are others that would work.

Get thee to a demo!

A few different models
The Prijon Kodiak, the CD Storm and the Necky Eskia will all fit larger paddlers and their feet. They all fit my size 12 6E feet just fine. One or more of these kayaks have, on occasion, been referred to disparagingly as “barges”. Since my butt is in relative proportion to my foot size, I prefer to call them . . . “stately”.

CD sasquamish

Swift Bearing Sea
My size 13’s fit fine in the Swift Bearing Sea, although it’s a fiberglass model.

I have Size 14
and I paddle a Nordkap. I also have a Kajak Sport Millenium and a RM Tempest 165. I’m not willing to sacrifice performance for comfort, but water socks or dive booties work well in both the Kapp and Tempest. I can get away with water shoes (Teva Neutrons) in the Millenium. I’m 6’1", so my braces are fully extended on all but the Milenium. I have one more click on it.

You can’t really do it on a rotomolded boat, but padding out the bulkhead, and removing the sliders, is a great way to gain a touch more room.I have plans to convert the Kap to a bulkhead footbrace like this.