Kayaks For large lakes and White Water

Could someone tell me whether or not anyone is using kayaks for very remote tripping on large lakes that are connected by rivers that may have white water (Class III ) as well as.

I have extensive experience at canoeing such rivers but it makes sense to me that a kayak may be safer and able to paddle in more windy conditions.

I really like the idea of using a folding kayak for ease of transportation.


Prijon makes some boats that can do it
as long as you don’t expect too much by way of control in the class 3.

Prijon Combi 359?
If you want something a bit more geared towards WW then the Combi 359 seems suitable. Keep in mind I don’t see any issue in taking plastic touring kayaks through Class I/II. I’ve done it with my Perception Catalina 14.5.

Dagger Approach 9.0 or 10.0
Checkout the Approach series by Dagger. They are 9 feet or 10 feet lengths (hence the name), have a dry storage hatch, and an adjustable skeg. Supposed to be designed to do what you have explained. Flatwater with skeg, up to class III WW without skeg and short enough for maneuverability.

My 9.0 is on the way!


Prijon Yukon
The Prijon Yukon - Expedition would be excellent for remote trips with whitewater. Once you spend a bit of time with the boat, you will find it is fine for class 3, with negligible control issues. Also, it is rudder ready for the lakes and will be able to haul a bunch of gear.


Keep in mind that, in the SE for
instance, rapids that would be rated class 3 based on the written standard have been downgraded to class 2 by local paddlers. “Familiarity breeds contempt.” I think I could get my Necky Looksha Sport through Pattons Run or the Bump, but I wouldn’t want to, because of the massive loss of course selection control compared to my whitewater boats.

Interesting comparison . . .
I know what you mean. It seems that kayaks have all become much more specialized while many canoes retain the versatility.

I was interested in getting a Yukon too, for the very same reasons.

I haven’t tried one, but while looking was told about the Pyranna Speeder. I was told the speeder is faster, has better outfitting, is fine in whitewater, but is a bit less stable. It looks like a downriver boat.

AHH the Yukon.
Its a great do all boat. And loaded with gear, can bomb thru many a large hole without hesitation.

They can be hard to find, pople that have them love them.

My perception of the speeder is that it’s sort of like a downriver trainer. I have a friend who just bought one to race wildwater.

I’ve seen folks paddle the approach. It looks very much like a ww boat. It looks very manuverable. I’d like to demo one. I suspect I’ll eventually retire my dagger bayou rec boat for the approach.

Only paddled one on calm water. Quite fast, stern has a very loose feel making the boat easy to manuver, outfitting is excellent. As to stability, that’s rather subjective. I found it well mannered as a narrow beam sea kayak, say like a Capella 167. Rolled and edged nicely when heeled over. Wish I had the chance to play in some surf or standing waves with it.

See you on the water,


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