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Today I sat in a Prijon Capri. Cockpit is 36 inches long. I could bearly get in. What a wake up call. Time to loose some weight.

I’m almost 250 pounds with a 46 or 48 waist.

I do easily fit into my Sundance 12. Thank god. However I was thinking up moving up a level to a day touring yak.

All of the Prijons cockpits seem to be no longer than 36 inches. Is there anything out there by any decent manufacturer with a larger cockpit or do I need to wait until I lose some weight and waist?

( I did to a “search” and came up empty. Perhaps I searched incorrectly. )

C o m f y
It’s not 36", only 35" x 19", but try an Eddyline Merlin XT or Night Hawk 175 on for size. C o m f y!

Cockpit interior dimensions 16"w x 30" long.

I’m bigger than you by quite a few pounds and at least as big in inches.

My cockpit is pretty roomy.


how tall are you?
Cockpit length should not be affected by your weight. I had a Prijion Kodiak and actually had to move the footbars in, and I have a 34 inch inseam and am 16 inches at the hips. (6’4 and 225 lbs.)

You can call Phil at QCC and he can take your measurements and tell you exactly what you need (the 500 for example), their web site qcckayaks.com may also help.

Or you can always try a Sit on Top.

Good Luck.

Try the Prijon Kodiak

How tall?
Six foot.

Necky Eskia has a very roomy cockpit. A lot of guide companies use this as a rental boat. Without the rudder down though, it tracks like crud, but it’s really stable and kicks butt in heavy wind waves. I haven’t paddled the Necky Pinta, but I understand that it’s very roomy, as well.

Kayaks for large paddlers
I can fit into my Seda glider pretty well, still comfortable after 3 hours -its a standard cockpit. I am 38"- 40 in waist 240 6’6" I am MAXED out on foot rest length .Its better for me to paddle barefooted / water shoes - booties. I think the hip width measurement would be Key for you.

Wes Boyd’s

The link above is my review of the Tempest 180. But while you’re there, take a look around at all that is offered at Wes Boyd’s Kayak Place. It’s a great resource for large paddlers.


The ease of cockpit entry depends
not only on cockpit length, but also on how much the rim is tipped. The higher the front of the rim is over the back, the easier entry will be.

Another factor is things in the cockpit opening that get in the way of leg entry. Some thigh brace systems interfere.

A third factor is present in most WW kayaks: the front wall. Prijons and Eskimo boats lack this wall, and it makes entry easier.

I’m 6’ 5" with a short (33") inseam but unusually wide-set hip joints. I have no trouble getting into my Necky Looksha Sport (no front wall), though I had to “window” the sides of the seat for my hips. I bought a used Animas where I had to cut back the thigh braces severely, thin the lower portion of the front wall, window the seat sides for my hips, and remove the back band. It is now safe for entry/exit, and once I am inside, it is the most comfortable kayak I have.