Kayaks for newbies


The hubby and I are looking at kayaks. The options are getting overwhelming and I noticed that this community seems more than willing to offer suggestions.

We plan to kayak mostly in Florida (ocean on calm days, Intracoastal, the Forida Keys). We would like to fish from them.

Me: 5’6", 165 lbs, over 40,

Hubby: 5’8, 250 lbs, over 40.

Thanks! I am excited to get paddling.


Your post has “sit on top” written all
… over it !

Jackson, Ocean Kayak, Eddyline all make nice sit-on-tops, each has different features, each is great for warm weather/water situations.

Those are all good suggestions…
…and in general with SOTs and sit inside boats, new paddlers tend to go shorter and wider than they should. All else equal, longer and narrower is usually better with SOTs.

The Eddylines have a big advantage over some of the others and that would be their weight. Getting an 80 lb boat up on a rack or lugging it around on land can be a chore. OTOH, good way to get a pre and post paddle workout.

Hurricane Skimmers are another sit-on-top option. Three different lengths are available, 116, 128, and 140. All are thermoform plastic, which is lighter than polyethylene. Worth a look.