kayaks for people with big feet?

Does anyone have a touring kayak they would recommend for someone with size 13 feet? I have been planning to buy a new boat, and didn’t realize how tight my old Tempest 170 is until I got a heavier pair of booties that were just a half inch longer and suddenly had trouble getting jammed near the foot pads. I am 5’11”, 155 lbs, and am looking for a fiberglass boat that is 16 to 18 feet that will be good for both day paddles and week long trips. Most of my paddling is done in 1-3 foot seas, but I would like a kayak that can handle rougher conditions if need be. I expect to spend $2000 to $3000, but the real problem is that I live in southeast Alaska, and there aren’t any kayak shops near by so I am either going to have to wait until the next time I travel out of state to try a few out or take the chances with ordering a boat online. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks ahead of time for your help.


i have size 12 feet and fit “OK” in my QCC-700, how ever i am also 6’3" so my feet are at an area that’s more tapered, being a few inches shorter if its inseam length you may fit better. I would also think a QCC-500 would have even more Toe room…

I have a similar issue
Also sz 13s. I’m fine with any booties, but can only wear one of my pairs of shoes. I have a Prijon Kodiak. I’m taller than you though, and if my feet were back a couple more inches, the toe room would grow a bit.

For the money you are talking about, I assume you aren’t looking at plastic boats, which is what the Kodiak is. I’m not careful enough with barnacle beds and shore landings to own a good composite.

Where are you at in SE? I lived in Petersburg for couple years, and am on the Kenai Peninsula now.

I wear size 15, and it is a rare kayak
that allows me to wear anything more than neoprene socks. Soles and heels are the problem, not toe room.

you could get a touring ski…

Bulkhead footrest?
Consider getting rid of the footpegs and putting in a bulkhead footrest – in this boat(if glass) or your next one. It’ll give you a lot more options for foot position.

Eddyline Fathom
Although not fiberglass, an Eddyline Fathom would work. My son has size 14 shoes and had plenty of room for his feet. Also, a Capella 173 has plenty of room, but is not ideal for your weight unless you regularly carry extra #s in the boat.

Big Foot!
Boats that can accommodate big feet are in order of all round performance preference: NDK Explorer, Necky Chatham 17, P&H 167, Impex Force 5. CD Gulfstream, Nigel Dennis Shadow and P&H Quest. Problem is as you get more foot room you also get more overall volume. At only 155 lbs you might want to skip the last three as being too large. However any boat can be foamed out for personal fit and ballast can be added for weight. I’m 175 and find my Explorer wants another 10-15lbs before it’s ideal. Since I carry a kit of about 20 lbs when I go out it’s not a problem.

Explorer works
I’ve got size 13-14’s, and can use mukluks in my Explorer - pegs removed and foam on the bulkhead. The boots fit in, but just. I’ve got summer and winter foam - 1" for winter, 2.5" for summer when I’m wearing light water shoes.

The tapering effect may work in your favor with an Explorer - and I think it may have just a bit more room than the Tempest - it seemed that way with the T-170 I had.


thanks for the suggestions
I’ve heard good things about the Explorer, Quest, and the Necky boats and obviously QCC has a very strong following on this site. I bought my plastic Tempest used sight unseen from a shop in Juneau, and it has been a great boat to learn in and took a lot of beatings when I was new and always hugged the shore. The problem is that the bottom is scratched up and wavy, and it just feels slow. I paddle almost every week even at this time of the year and hope to do a longer trip in September, possibly from Petersburg to Juneau with a trip up Endicott Arm, and it would be a real slog in that boat. I moved down here to Ketchikan from Anchorage a year and a half ago, and it has been great. I had a humpback surface 20-30 yds away on x-mas eve and saw some orcas in the channel while driving home last week. I think I will have to either find a used boat locally or wait until I travel before I to try one out. So many choices but I don’t want to wait too long to get something that will be more fun to paddle and challenge me a bit more. Thanks again.


Explain the problem
"the real problem is that I live in SE Alaska"

I’ve been thinking about that all night. How exactly is that a problem???

I am bigger, 6’6", 210 lbs, and size 14s. I like the CD HV boats. I paddle a Solstice HV. Plenty of foot room. The Prijon Touryak is probably a little more appropriate for your weight, and offers more foot room, too.

I have a kevlar Heritage Shearwater for sale. No problem with long feet. 18’4"x24"x44 lbs. The hull is sponsoned and the main hull is 19" wide. Fast boat. Listed in the classified section.

and I am major bummed that its on the wrong coastline!! I looked for one of these discontinued SOTs for two years now as a winter boat due so I don’t HAVE to roll in that 35 degree water!


Eddyline Fathom
I have a friend that has size 15 and he was able to fit in the Fathom. Now he is on the water and gets to use the footpegs and not the bulkhead to brace. Great company, I have one as well.