Kayaks for the tall and big

My question is like TheBigYaker, only I’m 290 lbs. and am 6’5", so I have a heavier body to accomodate. I’m looking for a recreational or other type of kayak that has a cockpit and hatches (no sit-on-top). I’m not really planning to use it much for whitewater or going out in the ocean that much. Could you please point me to some appropriate makes and models that someone my size could find plenty of room in.

If I was that large
I might think about a nice big canoe. A friend of mine in San Diego is 280 6’4 and he told me about buying a kayak but did not have much luck.

Im not sure what he tested but I do know he ended up with a 17’TC canoe and enjoys it very much.

our choices are fewer
but there are still a number of boats to accomodate us larger paddlers. Have you looked at any of the rec boats with large cockpits? I have a Perception Sundance 12 Airalite and with a 54" x 21.5" cockpit you can just about fit your whole family in there. It has a hatch in the stern. Good flatwater boat. Although you said that you’re not particularly interested in a touring boat, the WS Tempest 180 would probably fit you, too. Good luck.

klepper or SOT
what about a klepper aerius or expedition? enormous cockpit, handles a heavy payload, and a proven seaworthy design.

or think about a good sit-on-top like the tarpon 16.

Check out the Old Towne…
… Check out the Old Town Adventure series of Kayaks. I am 5’ 10", and weigh 270 Lb. I started kayaking in the Old Town Adventure XL-139 Kayak. It is rated for about 345 Lb (I think) and it handled very nicely with my weight in it.

… It is 13’-9" long,and 28" wide. It had front and rear bulkheads, and hatch covers that seal out water pretty well! The seat is comfortable, and the cockpit opening is large enough that you can straddle the kayak, sit in the seat, and then pull your legs inside. I had plenty of adjustment left in the foot pegs after I set them for me. It also has a nice sea kayak style to it, and it tracks well too. Mine ddn’t have a rudder, and I never needed one either!

I think this is a really good recreational kayak for the bigger guy. Check out the Old Towne web pages, and see for your self. Test paddle one at your local dealer.

Happy Paddlng!

I’m in the same boat:)
Actually I have been doing a lot of research lately and the two boats that I have narrowed the choices down to are:

  1. Wilderness Systems Pungo 140. It has a large cockpit, easy to get in and out of, will hold 400 lbs and seems to be very stable. It also has a rear hatch and bulkhead.

    2.Old Town Adventure XL 139 A little bit smaller cockpit but has the advantages of front and rear bulkheads and hatches, which I would think would come in handy both in the event of an unplanned water entry as well as a good place to put some overnight gear.Also very stable, and both are pretty similar in weight.

    I know there are several other models that would be just fine but these are the ones that I am making my final decision between. Maybe by spring after I have spent more time in each of these boats I will have made up my mind:)

    Good luck!


A Great Resource
for taller and larger kayakers is Wes Boyd’s site at http://www.kayakplace.com/kayak.htm

I’m a big guy . . .
5’10 250 lbs, and searched for a long time for a Poly kayak to learn with, and gradualy start some extendend Great Lakes touring.

The 2 boats that I found were the roomiest were the Current Designs “Storm” and the Necky “Eskia”.

Both might be considered barges by most of the folks around here, but they have TON’s of legroom, cockpit spaciousness, and carrying capacity.

Both are also popular with rental fleets, and can be bought used.

(thats how I got my Eskia).

hope this helps

Wes Boyd’s site probably best place
to get the most info: http://www.kayakplace.com/bigguy/bigskart.htm