Kayaks in Tennessee

I just moved to Tenessee and am wondering two things:

-Do you have to register your kayak? I read the web site and are still confused

-Is there a site to find some or does anyone know of some moderately challenging streams / rivers in the Smoky Mountains??


no boat registration required. TWRA requires life jacket for each person on kayak/canoe/shell/rowboat/etc… You don’t have to wear it, but it must be onboard. Exception for racing shells, kayaks, canoes where no PFD is required onboard. I’m sure there are plenty of websites out there that you’re looking for…can’t help you on that though.

Don’t live there but
will be going to the Smoky Mtns Thanksgiving week. Plan on trying to paddle the Little Pigeon River and Little River, both close to Gatlinburg. We will be camping in Townsend.


You might want to try…
the Tennessee Valley Canoe Club at http://www.tvccpaddles.com/. Keep us posted on what you find.


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try this site as well....

With a bit of instruction
in the east you can paddle the Hiwassee, and the Ocoee, you are within striking distance of the Chatooga if you are in the southeast.

Lots of paddling there. In the west or central a bit more spotty; less mountains.

A book you might try to find
Canoeing in Tennessee. I found a copy at REI, an excellent book. It helped me find places to paddle after I moved to TN