Kayaks not permitted on reservoir

The City of Findlay Reservoir in Findlay, Ohio, does not include kayaks in its list of permitted use watercraft. Additionally, the rules and regs have a minimum craft length of 10 feet and maximum of 20 feet, which as you know, excludes many kayaks. There is a meeting of the board of rule makers on Monday, June 27, at 4pm. Any suggestions for opening up this local resource to kayakers? Thanks!

with with not against
Find out in good faith first what it is they aer trying to accomplish. Find out what if anything is their legitimate concerns. See then if there is a way to work together to resolve things.

Tommy lee jones famous actor said, hec yes I get along with all directors. When they see me I want them to see a solution not a problem.


Out of curiosity
just what type of watercraft DO they allow? Evans is right: Find out what they wish to accomplish, and then negotiate from there.


does it specifically say yacks are not allowed? Or just give the length requirement?

And in California
There’s a similar situation here in California where there’s talk in the state legislature of opening some reservoirs that are currently off-limits to recreation. (Many others are open.)

Some of the concerns that have been raised include water quality (the water from at least one of these reservoirs is used for drinking); infrastructure (parking, launch sites and other facilities that would need to be built); their cost and environmental impact; enforcement; etc.

Clearly there are multiple factors that will have to be addressed, and the process may take time and could become contentious. I was informed just the other day by our local parks commissioner that due to opposition to the opening of Crystal Springs Reservoir, they are now recommending further study before any action is taken - and that could well turn out to be never.

Rebellion may be appropriate
Just put your yak out the water and see what happens. Probably can’t be more than a minor felony.

Here are the rules for the reservoir
"BOATING •Hours 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week

• Legal Boats sailboats, canoes, rowboats fishing boats; approved inflatable watercraft

• Sailboards/windsurfers are prohibited

• Boat Size Single Hull -min.10 ft; max.20 ft – Multi-Hull -min. 9 ft; max. 24 ft

• Max.Engine Size Res. #1 electric only, max 6hp; Res. #2 “No Wake Zone” on entire reservoir - maximum engine size - 10hp.

• Driver must be 18 yrs old or have a valid driver’s license."

Notice the list includes everything BUT kayaks. My guess is that when these rules were approved, kayaks weren’t even considered.

I’ve paddled on this reservoir for years. I’ve been checked out by the county park rangers and the state watercraft safety personnel and no one has given me any grief. I hope they don’t start now.

They probably read some of our …
Peeing posts, and figured that there is a gang of us that are making the drinking water too yellow!



Probably just an oversight
…not including kayaks explicitly. I’d call and ask about it, but I bet it’s OK to paddle a kayak within their stated length range.

As for that range, it is probably intended to exclude the numerous junk, single-chambered inflatable plastic toys that nonpaddlers use when they want to “paddle.” That and inner tubes and inflatable mattresses (like the one that exploded when it hit a rock in Pueblo WW park and ended up with a drowned boy).

ask anyone from the UK…
…a kayak is just a decked canoe (hence the BCU == Brittish Canoe Union).

Not all kayaks permitted

– Last Updated: Jun-28-05 5:56 AM EST –

Some kayaks have washed decks, meaning they just about 0 freeboard and sit so low as to permit a wave to freely wash across the boat. A surf ski is a good example of the type of kayak not permitted on drinking water. Like a sunfish sailboat. At least that is how the Manchester Water Works people explained it to me. Surfski bad. Sea kayak good. But I was also told that the guys who write the tickets go home at 5pm every day.

Looks good…
It appears Crimson, Clover, and a few others did a great job representing our cause to the board last night. I received an e-mail saying they were receptive to the information and education they received.

Once the final approval is complete, the rules will include kayaks with a minimum length of 9’.

There may be some verbage about unnessary or excessive rolling, but while they’re trying to determine what excessive is, I’ll be rolling. Besides, on these 95°F days rolling IS necessary.

Crimson…fill us in on anything I left out, and thanks for the help.

Rob, thanks for making the trip down here to educate the board.

Am I missing something?
The sage politicos who wrote the regs are worried about water quality, but allow 2-cycle engines? (“Res. #2 “No Wake Zone” on entire reservoir - maximum engine size - 10hp.” ) The motorboat lobby must be strong in Ohio!


just go …
paddle the Blanchard River. I would think the dam in town would keep the depth pretty decent and it is a lot more interesting.