Kayaks used in "Extreme Sea Kayaking?"

Does anyone know which kayaks are used for the book “Extreme Sea Kayaking?” Thanks to all who respond.


not sure if they’re made anymore. Heavy kevlar sitons with sturdy rudders.


They are still being made by Jim and
Rebecca Kakuk in Crescent City, California. If you’re interested in reaching them, email me back channel and I can put you in touch.

You just about have to know someone who knows them to get a boat. There is a long waiting list.

I almost bought a prototype
fellow had one for sale,it was HEAVY. Didn’t they know it soaks up water?ok,ok, just a joke from other threads. The rudder was impressive.

I’d rather have a Coaster.

have to be seen to believe
"it was HEAVY"

Or you can say it was STURDY!

oh yeah
it was listed on the BASK class ads 11yrs or so ago,I went over to check it out,you could take a sledge hammer to the hull,felt like 55-60lbs.

All I do is Extreme kayaking…
CD Extreme…she’s my main ride.