I am looking at the liquid logic kayaks the jefe grande, inuit, and vision 56. which one should i get?

need way more more information
Nobody can weigh in on that without knowing more about you (your height and weight would be a start), what your experience with kayaking has been to date and what kind of paddling you intend to do.

Like anything else
It’s just like any other product selection you make. Get the one that best fits your needs.


Well, the Jefe Grande is a ww creek
boat, and would not be useful for flatwater. The Inuit? Even if you fit Inuit, isn’t that a flatwater boat? LL would be unlikely to name a whitewater boat for an Eskimo nation.

Vastly different boats
Hefe is a creeker.

Vision is a play boat.

If you don’t know what those terms mean then you shouldn’t be considering either of them.

Inuit is an entry level touring sea kayak.

get a couple of basic lessons

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When you are done you may know enough about kayaks to make a smart choice with your money buying one. Even a dirt cheap used boat will cost you money that would buy a nice, long lasting PFD.

types of kayaks - suggested reading
Looks like you are looking at different types of kayaks. Might be worth reading the article on kayak types in issue 10 of California Kayaker Magazine (starts on page 6). Can be read for free online at http://www.calpaddlermag.com/magazine.html