The wife and I want to purchase our first kyak. We have been canoe people. Not sure if we would do better getting one or two kyaks. Also found a sit on top at Costco. Equinox. It’s a reasonable price to spend considering we are not sure how much we will use them… We want the option of being able to fish as well as ocean kyak.

Also weight is a consideration.

Any suggestions?


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The Equinoxes are pretty low end crappy boats with poor fittings. I would not waste money on them. Clunky design, no safety features and heavy. Short, wide and probably drive you nuts when you are used to the tracking of a canoe. Definitely not appropriate for the ocean. Maybe for fishing in a small pond. But there are better boats, even new ones, in that price range and certainly in the used market.

We would need a little more information to really give you useful information. Your approximate sizes (height and weight).

Also why you think you might want a tandem. Tandems are beastly heavy, as much or more than most canoes. Also not as versatile or safe (two boats are better than one -- if one person capsizes the other can help them out. Trying to pump out a tandem can be really difficult).

And where are you most likely to paddle? YOu mention the ocean which means there are some performance and safety considerations that may come into play.

What is your budget and where are you located? Those will help too.