kayking with gators..pictures...

I had a chance to go on a short, kayaking trip while I was down in Florida visiting my folks…I’m sure all you Southerners have seen these scenes a hundred times but those in other parts of the country might find the pictures interesting…;


Nice shots :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing.

Nice shots M!
Reminds me of my trip to Florida a couple of years ago…thanks!

Nice Pictures
thanks for sharing.


Wow, so very unlike the northwoods. It’s a whole different world down there. I don’t consider myself a very easily frightened guy, but I’m not sure I’d like to be paddling along and come across one of those bad boys. Eeep!

Nice shots
MHH, nice pictures!!

Great Shots!
I am transferring to Louisiana this June and can’t wait to paddle near gators!