Kayook vs. Eskia

I am looking to buy a used kayak as a beginner boat for a shorter (5’6"), heavier (235) paddler. I found two used boats in the area that I am interested in–Necky Kayook and Necky Eskia. I will be paddling on slow rivers and lakes–no costal or rapids paddling.

I would appreciate any thoughts on either boat.


whichever has a lower foredeck

look and see
I only paddled the eskia and honestly wasn’t a fan (it felt HUGE for my 6’1/180 frame) but you got the weight for it.

If you fit the Kyook,and it’s significantly cheaper(it should be,older boat) go for it(kyooks were made forever,older ones had a little screw-in front hatch or no front hatch, newer ones have a full size front hatch and bulkhead-newer style is much better unless you wanna put an airbag in the front)