Kedros Canoes

I am trying to find Kedros Canoes. Their web page comes up as an internet shopping page. I would like a different web address or a phone number to call.

Are you sure it is a current mfgr ?
I just looked in my Canoe and Kayak buyers guide for 2005 and they don’t list them.



Kendros Canoe
I’m not positive on this, but I believe they went out of business about the middle of last year. I always looked forward to talking to them at Canoecopia in Madison Wisconsin every year.

Here is what I have as their contact info, though if they are indeed out of business, I don’t know how valid it is:

Carolyn & Thomas Nielsen

PO Box 16576

Duluth, MN 55806

Phone: 218-720-3886


the last time i talked to tom, last spring, he was still building canoes but took down his web site. he was more hesitant about shipping canoes because he had a few problems with shippers. i have one of his tandems [16ft navigator] i’m considering selling if your interested.