Keel repair for OT Pack

I have this OT Pack that needs keel reconstruction. This is my first royalex repair. I put Kevlar skidplates on my Odessey years ago . Other than that watched some videos, but haven’t found anything about royalex keel repair. Thanks in advance for your helpful advice. Here are my supplies: 650 G-flex , colloidal silica , 4oz / 6oz S -glass and 4oz / 6oz E -glass

If you type in pblanc in the search message boards box, you’ll come up with numerous posts by our resident expert in Royalex, gelcoat, etc. repair.

Here’s but one example:

Yeah I typed in pblanc and nothing there relating to royalex raised keel repair. I need to rebuild / fill in that raised keel area (between the lines in pic) before laying fabric.

Try this thread.