Keel Strip for Poly Boats?

Has anyone used something that works well as a keel strip protection on a poly boat?

Good question!
I have a friend that had that pick-up bed protecter stuff put on the bottom of a composite kayak as a keel strip. At the time I thought it might adhere to a poly boat, and as such, might make an effective keel strip. I think it’s called, “Rhino Skin”, or some such. I never followed up on it, but would be interested in knowing. Ideally, I would like something that would stiffen up the bottom, as well as add some protection to the old Avocet.

A couple of my poly boats have a
slight “V” bottom so that the very center is more susceptible to wear. One of those is a '93 boat that saw quite a bit of use, and occasional scuffling over hidden river rocks. But it hasn’t taken appreciable wear.

Kocho, what are you seeing on your boat(s). Is the keel line getting worn down quite a bit?

Unless there is a clear need, I think most ways of adding a keel trip to a poly boat are just not worth the work.

mostly for bow/stern area
I do a lot of mild white water and tend to hit rocks when ferrying in with the bow. Or to protect when sliding the how over a rock.

I bought the kayak with already fairly deep scratched all over and I see that the bow edge has taken some deep cuts. I would like to give it a tough coat of something.

Also when seal launching or just sliding off the beach into the water it would he nice to have something on the stern.

But I’m with you - has got to be cheap and easy to use or it’ not worth the trouble.

Bow and stern on ww kayaks are often
the thickest part of the underside. I think the area under and in front of the seat is more likely to wear or tear through.

My old Corsica has taken some deep gouges in the bow, but there’s no indication of softness in the plastic there. If those thick areas do wear or tear, a plastic welder can repair them easily, because of the thickness of the available material and because those areas are usually curved a good bit, so that they don’t flex in the way that can tear a weld job. On the other hand, welding a tear under the seat is a bit harder because there’s less material to work with, and you know the area will be bent a good deal with the weight of the paddler over it.

now you have me thinking
I have a poly boat also…:wink:

I like Ken’s idea. But I’m wondering if PE is available in sheets or rolls.