Keel Strip for Trylon boat?

Hello, folks. Via an exchange, I just purchased a very nice Hurricane Palmetto 129. I live in SE Michigan, and frequently kayak the Huron River - nice, slow, and in many parts shallow.

I scraped my keel on my last boat (a Hurricane Santee), and was wondering how people feel about the possibility of adding a keel strip to my new kayak. I’ve read descriptions for adding a keel strip to fiberglass boats, and would expect that I could bond fiberglass tape to the Trylon (thermoformed plastic) hull. Do you think this would work, or should I try to find another means to protect the hull?

barryannarbor…did you “scrape” or
"put a hole thru" the keel? If you just scraped it; I’d leave it. I’ve scraped the heck out of my hurricane on the huron (which I paddle between kent lake & delhi at least once every couple weeks). Hopefully, you havent scraped a hole thru it. Good luck gettin quick response from hurricane. I would suggest you call & talk to the gent @ kayak corral, he sells alot of hurricanes and is always quite helpful when I talk to him.

good luck!