Keel Strip Installation

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knows of someone in the Northeastern U.S. who could do a clean professional installation of a keel strip on my NDK Explorer. Not interested in taking this task on myself.



You can contact Vinny at:

I was referred to him by Don White and Fern Usen who are my GP teachers (great teachers btw). Vinny has extensive experience in this area. He inspected my Sirius HF during the restoration process. He is located in Willimantic, CT (a few minutes from UCONN in Storrs, CT)


Just installed a keel in the form of a
fin on my SRS “Dart”. The fin was purchased from “WinDynamics” and acts as a keel. It has made the boat track much better and was relatively easy to install (about 3 hrs.) I paddle for time and efficiency so every bit counts.

According to my GPS, it has made a significant difference in efficiency of the boat. It not only tracks much straighter, but the side to side movement of the front, while paddling (I use a wing paddle) has been minimized

I realize this (fin) isn’t what you are looking for, but I find it interesting that others, such as yourself, see the benefit of a keel.

Reason I installed the fin/keel was because of the excellent tracking of another boat, the

“Polaris”. This kayak has a factory keel and it tracks expertly.

Good luck with the installation of keel! I would be intersted to know how you make out.



Keel strip
I don’t know who could do the installation in your area but I would encourage you to do it yourself. I just finished keel strips on two of my boats,not hard but a fair bit of work to make them come out smooth and fair just to go out and scratch it up again. For info try the Atlantic Kayak Tours website or check out the October issue of Sea Kayaker magazine.



Tha last Seakayaker mag
had a nice artical on how to do it, looked doable to me.