KeelEazy Product Deficient and Company Will Not Respond

I had a horrible experience with both the KeelEazy product and customer experience. I purchased their Kayak Kit 18 in black and applied it to a home built wood kayak. Within 1 week the KeelEazy strip started peeling off and delaminating from the kayak. I followed their explicit instructions that came with the kit and even used the supplied wipe to clean the surface before installation.

I called Chris at the company and told him the problem. He told me it sounded like they sent me the wrong product and asked that I send him pictures of the peeling and also a pic of any leftover KeelEazy strips which I did. Chris said he would send me the proper product free of charge. Well, one month later still no replacement. Not even a follow up call. This despite repeated emails and phone calls to the company trying to reach someone! Anyone! They’ve gone “radio silent”.

I have since filed a complaint against KeelEazy with the Better Business Bureau of the Northwest. As of this date, it’s being investigated and I am awaiting a company response. We’ll see if Chris or KeelEazy does the right thing and responds to honor their pledge to replace the product.

As of July 17, 2017 the Better Business Bureau of the NorthWest rates KeelEazy a “D+” and notes the company failed to respond to the complaint.

Buyer beware.

Follow-up: On July 18, 2017 Paulette with KeelEazy contacted me by email and explained the non-communication problem and offered a full refund. I received the refund the very next day