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Hi people,

Just a quick question. Anyone ever had trouble with KeelEazy ( folk? I've ordered some strip from them to a EU country, paid both the order price and extra shipping money they requested and asked them to drop me a line on whenever they are planning to ship and estimated delivery time. Been over a week and I have not heard a squeak from them. Don't expect them to deliver it in a week of course, but with no reply at all I'm becoming a bit uneasy. Should I take it up with PayPal and my CC company or not?


KeelEazy have replied to my query and told me they've shipped it. Everything is fine, they just did not reply for some reason or other. Happens with everyone, but lateky I had some bad experience online and became unduly worried.

Waitin' to get the strip so I can try it out.

My apologies to KeelEazy for being suspicious ass.

Just wait
They have contact email, drop an inquiry line.

did that
Did that already, but thought I’d pop the question here as well, yo see if anyone else had issues with them. 'Cause if they had, no point in waiting, is it?

report later
Make sure to tell us your review after testing the product.


will do!
Yep. Sure will do.

Glad To Hear
Is was shipped and all is settled. I used one of their free samples and plan on ordering some more. Here’s my experience with it:

Please don’t do what I did! Regardless of my mistake it is still rock solid.


I just applied my Keeleazy keel strip today, applied to the bow and stern (not the entire keel). The response from Keeleazy has been great–Easy to order, they sent instructions, product arrived within a few days of ordering. Naturally since I just applied I cannot give a review on the product, but it does appear to be very durable.

Man, it’s not funny to laugh at someone’s honest “oops…” moment, but you gotta admit, yours was a story worth telling :slight_smile:

one more review