Keep an eye out for the 'lyrids'

I’ll pay more attention on tomorrows paddle (predawn darkness), didn’t see any this morning (too much lighting (Jax dt) and full moon), though I wasn’t aware of the ‘shower’ so wasn’t looking.
A couple days ago I did see a very bright meteor streak across the sky (now, assume it was a ‘lyrid’).

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Sirens sing alluring songs.
Lurid flashes sky night long.
Comet tails-and-tales fall into dust.
Lyre of Orpheus strings-out heaven fussed.

Unfortunately clouds, and the occlusion of an urban sky, took away any success in meteor spotting. But, I tried. At one time, to be a Duckhead meant completing a night paddle near 1 AM, and then laying prone on a Pocomoke dock in August, or on a sandy Assateague seaside barrier dune in November, staring heavenly to gawk at whatever fiery trajectory the Perseids and Leonids would hurl. I miss those days of the bloodshot but wide-eyed amateur astronomer. The Leonid firestorm of 2002 remains on my top shelf of memory, its streaking bolides lighting this dimming mind.