Keeping a boat bolt tight.

One of the bolts that keep the carry handles of my Tarpon in place keeps working out during transport in my PU. I attach a flag to it because it is required .
I know the flapping of the flag is working it loose.
How can I lock that stainless bolt into the plastic threads of the boat?

Are there similar function and sized bolts on your Tarpon? If so, how secure are they? I suspect either female threads are worn or bolt is incorrect size for hole. If both OK, then some adhesive might keep all tight. Can you get an inserted nut on underside of bolt? I cannot imagine a flapping flag would present enough torque to loosen deck hardware. Can you affix flag to another point and test that theory? Perhaps a bigger PU is needed or new boat? :smiley:

Clear fingernail polish.

If flag is still too rough. Try 5200. Might never come out?

If you don’t want to ever take it out, use Wests Systems G-flex epoxy.
It is good to keep some on hand, since it will glue any material to any other material and it is waterproof


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Lexel for the bolt. And I attach my flag to the deck bungees closest to the tail of the boat.

A new truck! That’s a serious answer to a minor problem. I like it. Wife not so much .
I have some GFlex . Hmmm.

First go to your hardware store and browse the stainless steel fastener section and pick out one or two lock washers…you could try two different kinds without spending 25 cents. If that doesn’t do it add Loctite as mentioned or any other thread lock compound…or try the clear nail polish if you already have some. You can also threaten your kayak with recycling if it keeps pissing you off.

Failed to mention that the bolt fell out in transit. It has bolts other places I can cannibalize.
Trust me, if a boat gets me PO , it is history. This one has survived several others.

Be aware that regular Loctite doesn’t play well with plastic. There are other thread lockers formulated for the task, or use a fastener with a locking nylon patch, or old fashioned lock washer.

string - This is just a sheet metal screw that screws directly into the plastic. There’s no nut on the back, right?

Wolf, it screws directly into a threaded pocket. No nut.

The big worry about this particular fastener is that the handle could give way while you’re carrying it. Another approach to the fix might be an expanding screw anchor.

Drill it out. Thru bolt it with a backing plate. I used aluminum stock i had around and glued it in place as well as the two thru bolts. Was needed to make hoisting easier.

On one boat the deck was in the way so I cut an access hole and installed a screw in access hatch.

Bolt & nylock nut fender washer.inside

I put a little contact glue near the head of the bolt and in the top of the threads in the boat. I’m hoping that will hold the bolt and still allow me to remove it if needed.

After several outings, the bolt that is there was originally for attaching a rudder has not moved at all. Unless the handle breaks, we’re good to go.