Keeping a fishing kayak attached to the top of the car

when i first started canoeing i bought a yakima pad and flat strap kit. i went to canada with it on top of our jeep. where we saw someone with a ratcheting rope bow and stern rope lines. then you duck tape/ electrician tape up the excess rope . to its self… you do want 2 sets of belly bands on the cross tie downs. thiss is the way to go. short trips you can get by with just the ratcheting rope tie downs.

where the ropes go over your hood, we took cloth diapers and taped those in at the rubbing point.

There are a number of different possibilities for the roof top carrier such as those already suggested. If you an old guy like me, getting it up there is more of an issue. You might look at some of the following:

  • Best Marine Kayak Lift Assist | Kayak Roller Loader for SUV & Hatchbacks
  • Malone TelosXL Kayak Load Assistant
  • or a DYI approach - a Google or Bing search for DYI Kayak Loader should provide a number of useful suggestions.
    Have Fun!

Hi Kurt,
Not sure if this will help but we put two fishing kayaks on our roof:

The grey/orange one is “Bertha” an Old Town Sportsman 106. The one in the J-hooks is “Nelly” (as in whoa Nelly!) She is my Pelican Sentinel 100XR fishing kayak. The vehicle is a 2012 Kia Sportage. The crossbars have rubber inlay to help keep 77 pound Bertha from sliding. It takes both my husband and I to get Bertha up there but we are not exactly spring chickens and started kayaking last year. We don’t fish so there is no fishing on to hamper this arrangement. We snug it down with the usual Cam buckle straps.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I wold suggest something like these Thule canoe carriers to mount the fishing kayak and keep it from sliding sideways. It will probably work with Malone crossbars. Double up on the bow and stern lines, one to each corner.

A J-rack will not work with a kayak that wide. You would have a gigantic sail on the top of your vehicle.