Keeping Aquaseal from hardening?

Seems like every time I use Aquaseal, the stuff left in the tube hardens. I end up punching a hole at the other end to get at what little remains, and have to throw most of the tube away. This isn’t so bad with a 1-oz tube, but it really hurts to throw most of an 8-oz tube away.

Anybody have any secrets for keeping it from hardening?

freeze it (nm)

Yes, it says right on thepackage:
Once it is opened to store it in the freezer.

I just did that a few weeks ago

Jack L

Freeze it

Amazing what one can learn
by reading directions.

Another helpful thing
After using it, I keep the tube nozzle-end-up and carefully wipe off the threads and cap. Then I replace the cap, still keeping it nozzle-up. Finally, it goes (still nozzle-up) into a sealed plastic baggie. I store it that way. Taking these extra steps, I’ve had good luck with the goo remaining goo for subsequent uses.

I’ve tried everything
and nothing seems to help. It’s such a good product but it must be used in a short period of time or it goes bad. Buy small tubes and try to get a couple projects together at once so you can use as much as possible.

Buy the big giant tube

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I've been using the same on a lot for over a year and it's showing no sign of real trouble. I did run a drill bit down through the top once though. The bigger tube is easier to drill. And the bigger cap goes on and off easier with pliers.

Oh ... and yes, put it in the freezer.

It’s in the directions?
You mean the eensy-teensy print on the side of the tube? I can’t even read that with glasses! OK, who took my microscope?!?

Thanks for the suggestions/Carboline
Thanks for the suggestions - I will try freezing it nozzle up in a plastic baggie after cleaning the cap & threads.

I’ve heard that Carboline Neoprene Adhesive doesn’t harden in the tube. Anyone ever heard of it? And where to get it?

I always put vaseline on the threads before replacing the cap, it makes opening the tube super easy even 1 year later.