Keeping caught fish fresh

Good morning, all! Just a quick question . . . What seems to be the main preference for keeping caught fish fresh while spending a day on the water? Cooler with ice? Some kind of fish basket dragged in the water? One of those kayak fish bags (with/without ice)? Just trying to figure out what to do when we go to Florida and do some serious salt water fishing. It takes a pretty good sized cooler to hold redfish, flouder, sea trout, etc. Dragging somthing in the water is a good way to atract sharks (and there are plenty because we’ve caught enough). Don’t know anything about the kayak fish bags. Are they insulated enough to not use ice over the course of a day or are they designed to have ice in them?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Seattle Sports kayak fish bag works wonders and is my best answer to this. It fits either in the tankwell or over the bow.

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We don’t have many sharks here in Ontario, so we’ve never had to worry about using anything more than a stringer for the fish we’re keeping. I have heard of pike or even snapping turtles taking a fish off a stringer, but it’s not common enough to worry about.

I guess if we get the chance for some saltwater fishing then we’ll need to think about what to do with the keepers.

Up here in the great lakes, I try and do my fishing toward the end of the paddling day on trips and I bleed them out. Works cause it’s a quick kill and the fish seems to keep pretty well.

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I have seen online and in catalogs, these “plastic boxes” with holes in them. They are made for kayaks. You put your catch in the boxes, and you let it trail behind you.