Keeping electronic key fob safe on the water

Never happening we’re not going to crank windows ever. They’ll put solar panels on car.

Look at the energy to be saved with crank windows. Hahaha

Not actually I saw a comparison between 4 guys riding 4 bicycles 100 miles and them taking an economic car the 100 miles the energy consumed in food to power the ride and the CO2 expelled by them, and the car was the least polluting.

So your power windows are likely safe.

That’s a fact! There’s an invention that really was needed.

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My dad used to build a fire under his Model T to get it started in the winter.

Sunday I did a long solo paddle on my SUP, searching for a waterfall (which I took off work and found today). I came around a bend and there was a pair of paddlers also on SUPs - something I never see around here. We had flash flooding the day before and the creek was super murky with a lot of downed trees. Evidently I was excited to meet these paddlers because I immediately proceeded to eat shit after my fin hit a submerged log. This was probably good because, after we all had a good laugh, they told me it was worse up stream, so I stopped goggling at herons and paid closer attention.

Anyway, by the time I got back to my car quite a few hours later, it wouldn’t start. Sure enough, my AquaPac was damp inside. I had to chuckle. I was very glad this thread had prompted me to look into the alternate way to start my push button ignition car.

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Thanks for that helpful feedback! It confirms both the possibility of your car not starting and the importance of a reliable submersible key fob case.

It’s not my first time being a cautionary tale! But my car did start, just not the usual way. For my old Toyota, holding the fob emblem over the push button ignition allows starting with a dead fob. After it dried out, it was fine. So today the key was back in the same (now leaky) AquaPac.

Sometimes rewards come from the oddest places…

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Just recently orderd a Scuba Choice Diving Snorkeling Cylindrical Dry Box with Clip from Amazon. It works perfectly for car fob. It also has enough room for the starter. I have tried put it under my feet on the lake. The water level up to my hip. No problem at all and it will float. Recommended

Lots of good ideas here, but overall it makes me glad that my vehicle uses a key, no fob of any sort required. :smiley:


When I first got this car I hated the fob. I quickly changed my tune. It just has to be somewhere on my person for me to be able to unlock my car and start it. So I shove it in a pocket or backpack and forget about it. It’s definitely a PITA for everything paddling related, though. Especially, for me, the size of waterproof containment and storing on my person so I can’t be separated from it.

Guy who invented intermittent wipers had to sue ford I believe. He did win.

I drove a truck at work for 4 years that did not have intermittent wipers. I am still seeing a counselor.

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Yup re the inventor of intermittent wipers. The other major manufacturers worked a deal, Ford acted badly. They lost the court case and I believe that the settlement is good for a generation or so going forward. But it’s been a while so that may need a recheck.

As I recall, at the time intermittent wipers were appearing in the mid 70s or so, my dad made a version - I think it was a kit (maybe from Radio Shack?). Stuck it right to the dash, worked great.

Good idea. I bet most here have at least one spare Nalgene kicking around

If I had to choose between intermittent wipers and butt warmers, it’d be a no brainer for me. Goodbye visibility in light rain, hello delicious warmth. For me that is the best technology ever put in vehicles.

I agree with seat warmers. Rather like the newer item in that direction, heated steering wheel. Would never have thought of it or asked for it. But once l had it, found l loved it.

I think it is called getting old and soft.

Listen, young lady, do not make me block you. I did NOT need to know about this magical thing. My car is almost 12 years old and I… I… dammit I don’t have that! I’m always cold.

I want.


We can forestall your having to block me. Looked around while the bacon broils. Found two categories of add-on options, battery powered and plug-in. A couple of examples below. Also saw links to a variety of other heated items that I would not have thought of myself.