Keeping feet dry

I’ve been Kayaking all summer and have been really enjoying it! Now colder weather is coming and I would like to know what to put on my feet to keep them dry getting in and out of the kayak. Thanks for any suggestions!


The Chotas are popular, and a couple of other companies make similar ones. The advantage over regular rubber boots is that the neoprene material makes them float and actually adds bouyancy if you swim.

Have a look at:

In particular the boundary shoe would work well.

word of caution
The taller a boot is and the tighter it fits, the bigger bitch it’s going to be to remove. and chances are some water will seep by anyway. Also make sure there’s enough room in the boat for that sort of footwear. I swore off my neoprene booties because of how they suck themselves onto my feet and are extremely annoying to take off .to These look exactly like the boots previously posted,but probably much cheaper.

I use these socks and think theyre the best blend of comfort and keeping me warm.

I second the NRS boundary Shoes
My wife and I have been using ours for over four years now.




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So what do you wear over these? Water Sandals? I'm in the same boat as the OP, I went out this weekend, for the first time with air temps lower than 60F. Feet were cold upon entry and I knew that I was going have to buy some neoprene socks/boots.

NRS has "wetshoes" that look like boots, but judging from their name, I assume your feet get wet in these? (Such as these below)


I Used
SealSkins socks under mesh boat shoes the past two winters. This worked out ok but was not warm as toast on the coolest days. Also, I had to have two pairs as they the seal skins take forever to dry out.

I am going to order whatever JackL and Nanci use for this winter.

Uck, I am not ready for winter, too much junk to remember and take.

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breathable drysuit with booties

  • thin liners and fluffy wool socks
    will keep the warm!

I just wear normal sport sandals and stick them under a deck bungee before i get in the boat.

Yet another vote
for mukluks (I have Cotas, but NRS mukluks look good too).