Keeping Fish - Canoe

Where or how does everyone here keep their fish once they catch? I bring a standard cooler lately, but it’s large and overkill. I’m looking for options to not need such a bulk “live well”.

I like the bag coolers, but think the fish fins will just puncture the inner liner as soon as I drop them in…especially catfish. And I don’t want a stringer hanging over edge due to rocks.


Fish bag?
Anyone use these?

fish keeping
There are really two good options a stringer or a cooler.

A stringer is a poor option in warm water. The only reasonable option for keeping fish, especially if it’s hot out, is a cooler. Maybe get a smaller one that the one you have.

smaller cooler has always worked well
…given that when I kept some I was fishing from late afternoon to late evening, then usually driving back to either home or camp.


When I go out in the kayak that has even less room I use a Seattle Sports Kayak Catch Cooler 20. Works very well.

I managed to put 2 redfish, each 24"
long, in an Igloo Playmate this weekend.

Bag Cooler
I ended up with my Polar Bear bag cooler and just adding a 4 gallon plastic bag for the fish. The 4-gal bag is much tougher than a standard zip-loc, but works great. I always have my beverage cooler with me. So that way, if I don’t catch any fish I don’t have to carry the extra cooler. I can just throw my fish in the bag and drop it in my drink cooler.

Definitely cooler
Because when I get home they get a good hot oil bath with a few herbs. MMM