keeping kayak at apartment

I recently moved out of my parents house to an apartment close to campus. I miss my kayak and having to drive 20 minuets to go get it every time I want to use it. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this kinda situation. I have been debating chaining it to the bike racks outside. Its a 9.5ft perception sound. Any ideas? recommendations?

can you hang it on the wall?
I lived in a first-floor apartment for 5 years and my 16ft sea kayak was hanging on the dinning-room wall. I had to take it in and out of the house through a window.

Can you explain more about your exact situation/layout/space ?


wall no good
I live on the lower floor. I will leave it at home before I hang it on my wall. I kayak lakes and small rivers, often doing garbage pickup to kill time when I am out. Myself, my car, and my boat often don’t come back smelling of daisies. No way is that boat coming inside especially since I don’t have a hose to clean it here >_

leave it on your car?

keep it in your apt
cushion up the seat good and it can be your new couch. Or talk to your landlord about a place to keep it.

Or,turn it upside down and it’s a coffee table !!!

Keeping it outside
I cannot speak for the security issue, although my experience has been it is okay in the yard (if you have) in a kayak bag. It doesn’t stay as spotless as when it was when I had a garage, but out of the sun it’s none the worse for the wear. It’s made it through 1 winter so far and spent quite some time buried under the snow. I use a cockpit cover to keep unwanted tenants:)


Sling on parkade ceiling

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I had to ask the condo strata manager (it's a condo, I own the apartment - or, should I say, the bank owns it) to allow me attach 2 small concrete anchors. Don't remember, probably 1/4" anchors and it goes about 1" deep in concrete. Shouldn't be a problem with any normal concrete slabs (if they are afraid that you'll drill through into the ground floor apartment).

You need a concrete drill bit and a hammer drill (usual drill won't do).

But if yours is a rental apartment, you probably have zero chance to convince the building manager to let you do it.

I think your best bet is getting a folding kayak - but they are all with some drawbacks.

stack it up behind the sofa
Last winter I left my new Ride 135 against the wall behind the sofa. My plan then was to get some of the wall racks and hang it over the sofa.

Summer came, I bought a new sofa, rearraigned the living room, and now I do not see that as an option.

I live in a Condo. The hanging it on the outside of the building isn’t allowed. There is room on the patio, if I take in my new summer furniture.

Thinking of sitting it on the stairs for the winter, that would crowd the stair well but I’m thinking about it.

Just ideas.

Keep on Car
Buy a cable lock or make a Kayak Lasso for security.

I had my kayak on my car for almost 2 years, literally.

Went to the movies with it, shopping, etc., etc.

I also paddled anywhere and everywhere I could legally

drop that thing in a water for an hour or two.

When it’s with you 24/7 all the time, you’ll find you

tend to squeeze in a lot more seat time for paddling.

Use 303 product for sunscreen - it works very well.

I still have that kayak, it’s now 10 years old.

thannks for the car storage post

I was thinking of that. I do keep mine on my car from May through October. Last winter I had it behind the sofa - but this year I’m thinking of stashing it at a friends’s or on the stairwell.

If it is on the stairwell I can take my time 303 polishing it.

If the kayak wasn’t going to interfere with opening the trunk on a Jetta sedan, I would leave it up there on the roof all year, with a good coat of 303. My arthritis dictates making compromises, tipping kids to help, and so forth.

Same problem so I purchased a Feathercraft foldable. Best decision I ever made…a great boat.

Had up to 6 in a 2nd floor 1Br

there were 3 in the bedroom closet as well