Keeping the cockpit dry in an sit-in kay

I have an Equinox 10.4 rec kayak and I am having trouble keeping the cockpit dry from the paddling for being such a wide cockpit. Any ideas?

here’s one idea:

Eastern Mountain Sports makes a stouter version.

I used to use one after getting a nasty sunburn on my knees.

Spray skirt
jack L

spray skirt, drip rings, dress for it
As mentioned above, a spray skirt would help. With the large cockpit opening, the water may pool on the spray skirt and work its way in anyway.

Assuming the water is mostly paddle drip, drip rings on the paddle (if you don;'t have) could help. This helps keep any water that sticks to the paddle with surface tension to drop off outside of the boat.

If it is not paddle drip, but waves washing in, you probably aren’t in the right boat.

You could also embrace the water and accept that you will get wet (kayaking is a water sport) and dress where you expect this. Keep away from cotton and wear things that don’t adsorb water or are quick drying. Nylon, polypro, fleece, etc. This is the first step toward dressing for immersion, which is actually a good practice in case you have to deal with more than just water drip (such as an unexpected swim).

Get some dry pants for cold weather.

Those are very useful
A half skirt is ease to put on and remove, easy to get in and out of the kayak (push it forward over the front coaming), and keeps the sun off your legs.