Keeping The Mini Surf Streak Going

LOL! You have evidently done some of your own study of the Tao! That has been one of my questions – how is knowledge/understanding transmitted!?


‘No self display’ is one of the tenents.

–Which is downright near impossible in a modern westernized world when one needs to make a living.

But I do generally admire the principal of wu-wei/non-interference…That is, when I remember to practice it.:thinking:

We have had decent surf all through this past week. (It’s 8’ @ 10 seconds this AM.) Have not been able to get out because of work and family obligations. Unless, the waves continue to roll in until this weekend when I have time, the “streak” is over.

So, I surfed vicariously while watching this Icelandic surf tribe. United in the love of waves and being in the “now.”