"Kelly Kettle" sources?

Does anyone know a U.S. source for Kelly/volcano kettles other than Thermette? I’d like to find a similar stove at a lower price if possible. All the sites I’ve seen, other than Thermette, are overseas.


Lee Valley

Kelly Kettle - Try Lee Valley
Lee Valley Tools advertises the Kelly Kettle - The 26 oz. lists for $62.50 US, the 48 oz. for $76.50


Look at
www.thermette.com For an alternative. I have one and love it. I got the copper one and have not regreted it one bit. When our club goes on outings/camp outs They always praise my “Ben-Gazi Boiler”. It saves a lot of stove fuel making hot water for coffee, tea, and dishwashing using sticks and twigs. The only downside is when we went to the Broken Group on Vancouvers west coast, it was hard to find anything dry enough to burn.

Wood Stove
If you want to cook with wood try one of these. I have a collapsible stove but it’s getting to be a pain to put together due to heat warp. Small wood stoves are hardy to have.


Garrett Wade
Try here:


Fat Elmo