Kelty Noah's Tarp

We are looking at upgrading our family camping equipment and considering the Kelty Noah’s Tarp 12x12. This would be to replace a cheap square tarp that takes forever to set up because the four two-piece poles are always falling down during set-up. Any experience or advice with this product?

Also how many poles ar needed?

I saw some old posts indicating that you could use telescoping painting poles. Does this work well?


kelty tarp
It works fine. You need two poles. There is no real reason to get the telescoping painter’s poles since you can get telescoping poles from REI and similar places for around $10.

Agree with C2G
I have the 12 foot tarp and two poles from REI, works just fine.

Got One Too
You can also get poles at Campmor pretty reasonable. WW

Kelty wing
I have two of the Kelty wings. They are both medium and use three poles each. the Poles slide threw sleeves and set up is fast. Poles are fiberglass and I could lighten it up with aluminum and will. It is trialngle in shape and can be used in many ways. They retail for about $175 I think. I picked them up used. Love em and use em lots.

Noah’s tarp…

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Bought one; love it.
Wish I'd bought one sooner.
It has saved me from major drenchings on numerous occasions & makes a good sun shade too.
I bought the painter's extension poles for mine; they extend higher(I'm 6"4")than the original aluminum poles I bought. Also, they were sturdier than the original aluminum poles.


Noah’s Tarp is excellent
I have used mine for a few years and will never camp without it. Easy for one person to set up. I use four poles. Two 8 foot poles and two telescoping poles that can be adjusted to slant the tarp for best rain/wind protection. I remove the two adjusting poles at night and tighten the lines to protect the table and the bicycle. Easy and instant re-setting in the morning. Only once did the wind blow it down during a storm off a lake in Maine in the middle of the night. Worth every penny.

for tarps
I would look maybe to snowpeak first, or if you are feeling like you want something really good, try MSR vista wing, or outfitter wing.

want to make your own?
You could always try making your own. It can save lots of money, and be better suited to your particular needs. A good place to start. . .

It’s worth a look anyway.

Have fun.

Looks like a winner
Thanks for the tips.

Now - about the set-up:

How many poles?

What length pole is optimal?

How much rope should I have?

Thanks again.

No poles
I have a Noah’s Tarp 12. It’s a nice reasonably priced tarp. It’s no Moss Parawing though. The caternary cuts are not perfect and the tarp will only be 100% solid in big winds if they are. But for $60 instead of $250 who’s complaining.

I never use poles. I use my Noahs tarp for backcountry tripping up the Canada and tarp poles are a big PITA when portaging big steep portages. I can almost always find two trees to hang the tarp from and the sides get staked out… It works great!!!

Funny enough, I usually find that the campsites are almost too small up in northern Ontario for the 12 footer. I sure wouldn’t get one any bigger for that usage. If you are using it for car camping… get the biggest tarp you can find for just the reasons that Mike suggested a simple Blue tarp… they don’t cover alot of picnic table.