Kelty sleeping bag question

my wife is making a liner for my son-in-laws Kelty bag. This bag has nylon loops every couple of feet on the exterior. Why?

My guess is to secure the bag to a waterproof cover.

Those loops might be
for securing the bag to suspended beds/platforms that look like stretchers crazy people use to spend the nights while climing mountains.

I’m not sure I would trust those loops to keep me up there with 1000 feet below me but…

If they are inside, they are for securing a liner…

If they are outside, they are for securing the bag to a insulating pad so that it doesn’t slip off.


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loops and ties on the outside are for your sleeping pad. I've got ties on the outside of my sleeping quilt that I use to secure it to my sleeping pad. If they're small loops, you may need to also carry more rope to help tie the two together. Always try to test out your sleeping arrangements in the back yard before actually depending on them.
Almost forgot...sometimes on the bigger bags there are loops for when you roll up the bag to help keep it in a rolled up position.

OT but good info…
If you have a cheap flexible sleeping pad try stuffing it inside your sleeping bag for maximum comfort AND you’ll never slide off the pad at 2 in the AM. If you want trim about 1.3 ounces of weight (j/k), you can trim the corners on the pad so fits better in the bag. Disclaimer: I wouldn’t do this with a goose down bag unless inside a tent with a moisture barrier.

I read this tip in a Backpacker mag years ago and tried it. It works.

or get a Big Agnes
and slide your air matress in the sleeve