Kenew INC.

I wonder if anyone has heard of this company from Quapaw, Okla. Both front and rear deck plates are stamped Kenew INC. Quapaw Okla. It appears to be 16+ with a moderate rocker. At first I thought it was fiberglass but maybe not. The inside doesn’t look like any fiberglass I’ve ever seen. It seems as if it was sprayed with “speckled” type paint, maybe not.

I know it weighs about 90 pounds.

It’s modeled after Indian canoes and looks like it can haul a lot of gear through big water.

If someone knows anything about this please let me know. I can’t find anything on it.


chopper gun
That ‘speckled’ finish you refer sound like it might be a chopper gun boat. Never heard of the company, but there were lots of little companies making chopper gun boats in olden times :smiley:

The reality is that it’s a horrible layup. Heavy, relatively fragile, got nothing going for it in particular, other than they were easier/cheaper to make.

Chopper gun
Great info thanks

Quapaw canoe - business sold/renamed?

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I wonder
This canoe is a beast but I believe it will serve my needs. It seems well built and perfect for wilderness tripping.Plus it was free, which makes it great!

I’ve checked out every place that I can think of and still I can’t find out anything about it.

I didn’t notice it last night when I brough her home but there’s a T brace on the middle thwart. It appears to be factory but never seen one on this type of canoe.

As a bonus there isn’t any serial# on it either.

I believe the deck plates are made from heavy cast alum. I’d like to know what I paddle but what the hell.

I know it took all I had to throw it up on the SUV, not to mention taken her off. A portage would be out of the question. Peace

Use caution
If it is chopper gun fiberglass, and required a T-brace, it is not well-built. The reason it is so heavy is due to the amount of fiberglass needed for such a boat to stay reasonably together.

That being said, if you are careful with it and don’t mind the weight, it will serve you reasonably well. I wouldn’t use it for wilderness tripping since paddling that amount of weight takes a lot out of you. bt short trips or overnighters should be no problem. But the first rock in moving water you hit broadside could easily be the last day of your canoe. Or is it a kenew?


I understand what you’re saying but I’m use to heavy boats and to be truthful I like the challenge. To be honest I’ve never been able to afford anything else. I don’t have to worry about portage, because I can no longer walk. I can stand long enough to remove it from the truck then maybe, if I’m lucky and I have help,I can put it in the river.

We make do with what we have. Walking out isn’t an option for me and lining the canoe along the river isn’t either. The time clock on my legs is ticking even as I type and before too long even getting it off will be impossible. I saw a video once called Waterwalker and that’s what I am.Peace