Kentucky kayak dealers

I have a friend who is just starting into kayaking. He is going to get a kayak and then try to convince his wife to paddle also. Can you recommend any good dealers/outfitters near Louisville where he might demo yaks or even just buy them?

have him try canoe ky, Nathan can hook him up. their web site is and they have a toll free number

good luck


Yes, definitely

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Canoe KY. Toll free number as I recall is 888-CANOEKY.

Nathan and Allison are nice folks and will take good care of your friend.

More info: Canoe KY carries Jackson (ww kayaks), Current Designs, Wenonah Canoes, Wilderness Systems, Hurricane Aqua Sports (one of my favorite brands!), Dagger, and I'm sure I'm missing some. They also have some used boats. Nathan said they are expanding their offerings next season.

They have a pool on site, and the Elkhorn Creek is in their backyard.

Has he tried Quest Outdoors? Or, just take a road trip to Cinci; there are several outfitters up here.


I had never heard of Quest Outdoors, but I found this:

I didn’t see any mention of kayaks, just outdoor gear and equipment. I queried “kayak” in their search engine… nothing found.

If they do carry kayaks, please tell us more - what brands, etc.

Bowling Green
If he is in the Bowling Green area, Nat’s Outdoor Sports can hook him up as well… have fun!

I have been in there a couple times (Summit location). They are more geared for camping/backpacking but I thought I remembered seeing a few 'yaks there…rec type. I have not been to their other location, I think on Frankfort Ave. Louisville is in need of a good kayaking outfitter. Hummmm, do I see a new career and moving back to the homeland in my future???


kayak dealer
I got an e:mail from Nathen at canoe ky and they are having a used canoe/kayak sale at the end of the month(sept). They will let you demo them on the creek at the shop. They also have alot of new kayaks you can demo also

good luck


I second Canoe Kentucky
Great place on Elkhorn Creek just outside of Frankfort in Forks of Elkhorn. Very knowledgeable and helpful folks. They have a good selection of boats and also great instruction if you want it.