Kentucky Trip Guides?

I am new to Kayaking and I live in central KY. I am looking for a website that has sufficient trip guides/reports. And yes, I ordered the kaying in KY book. Any help will be greatly appreciated…dont be afraid to share your favorite paddling trips. I will also be looking for a partner.

Also, boat registration?
Do I need to register my kayak in KY?

kayaking KY
Try they have some links on their web site and you don’t have to reg. unless you put a trolling motor on your boat.

good luck


No KY Registration

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No tax or registration requirements for non-motorized craft in Kentucky. I'm in Northern Ky so can't be much help for local hotspots.

Daniel Boone National Forest, and Cumberland Falls would be the two big/obvious attractions; depending on how far west you live.

Lived two years in Lexington. Some
rivers we enjoyed include the various limetone gorge sections of the Kentucky River (flat with locks and dams, but often very scenic), the Red River, the Green, the Rockcastle, Elkhorn Creek, and Licking Stoner Creek.

You can probably still get the guidebook for KY by Bob Sehlinger. I met Bob later, when he and Don Otey were doing their guidebook for Georgia. Sehlinger’s KY guidebook remains accurate in most respects, but I don’t know if it is still in print.

some good paces.
Bob Sehlinger’s book is still in print, picked up my copy last summer at Barnes & Noble. (5th edition) Most of the information is very accurate.

What type of kayaking do you want to to do? The Green River from Munfordville down to Nolin Lake is a good flatwater trip. Pick a stage and paddle down! Very good for overnight camping trips. Red River is gorgeous too…

Where in Central Kentucky? We live in Bowling Green but will travel to wet a paddle.

Thanks for all your help.

I am in Madison County. I would definately be up for meeting some of you folks. I am hoping to find a partner or two in order to have multiple cars so longer river trips will be possible.

After doing a little more browsing, I have found dozens and dozens of places to paddle. I am picking up my kayak today. I will probably start with Pelican from Dick’s due to the amount of gift cards I got for christmas. I would like to get a little higher end kayak, but my finances don’t allow it now. But, I have already started my piggy bank for that big purchase. I am hoping to get in the water later this week. I saw that we are going to see temps in the 50’s on Friday.

I found that book on Amazon for 5 bucks. I am looking forward to getting it. I bought a similar book for my backcountry hiking adventures and it has served as a great resource.


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Madison county? GO COLONLES! as a eku alumnus i sometimes miss that part of the country. i'd love to paddle some of those creeks and rivers. is 'silver creek' still accessible and navigable?

I have two degrees from EKU. I believe people still run silver creek fairly regularly. I drove by it today and it looked pretty good. I am hoping to run it at some point this summer.

Let me know if anyone wants to do some still water this summer.