Kermit chairs

OK fellow boaters, fess up!

Anyone here have a Kermit Chair? Regular or with the leg extenders? Comfy or not?

And, do they float if dropped overboard?


re: Kermit chairs
Yes, quite comfortable (akin to a “directors chair.”) Both the heights are useful for different camping conditions (in the tent or out, under a tarp or not, at a tall table or short, etc) and, in particular, depending on the height of the seating of others with you. The taller setting (w/the extender legs) is easier to get up from, but the shorter height is certainly no worse to exit than a beach chair and way easier than a Crazy Creek. Does it float? I have no idea, but it is made primarily of wood so probably yes. What I like is that it packs up so small and is lightweight. And I also like that a paddling buddy has two of them (that he brought from the motorcycle touring world) so I don’t have to lay out the bucks for my own!