Kesagami River

So, I just came off a fantastic trip on the Bachawana in Northern Ontario. Now I am planning a trip on the Kesagami from Kesagami lake to James Bay or if need be to Moosonee. Anyone familiar with that river or trip?

Any info would be helpful, I was looking at using a bush pilot to get to the put in and maybe picking me up at James bay?? Not sure how I would get back to the put in if I was able to drive there. Else I think I can take a train from Moosonee back to Cochrane but would need to paddle the bay for a few days, makes a difference on boat choice. Planning for next spring/summer


here some options
This off of CCR…six pages of message post and hundreds of replies to various questions on this river.

by the way
how was the Batch? Got a friend up there right now.

Batch was great! Train ride and all. Long runs of Class I,II,II+ for sure after the last falls, a bit of flat between runs. The water was just rippin’. No issue hearing falls up ahead. Pleanty of water level, nice camping, Spectactular waterfalls, weather held out. It was by far the best river trip I have been on. Paddled my Pyranha Fusion C30, performed superbly!

I happened onto this site last night but didnt get all the posts so, thanks for the info.


post some photos if you can or email me them thanks

info source ?
you might try contacting Phil Royce who runs the outdoor program @ St Lawrence University here in Canton, NY. He’s listed in their faculty/staff directory & has run the Kesagami a few times. A knowledgeable, helpful fellow & great paddler, he’ll likely help you out

Will do, thanks!

So, Im starting to get quite a bit of good info. on the logistics of this expedition. float plane to get in, train to get out, pretty straight forward - and a bit pricy BTW. I’ve been getting mixed signals though on the James Bay paddle to Moosonee leg. Sounds pretty tricky. Having another source to reach out to that has paddled the Kesagami, and maybe the bay is a big help! Thanks again. I’m planning to paddle my Pyranha Fusion C30, I also have a real nice open water touring boat that would be choice for the JB leg, Paddle her in the big lake all the time (Lake Michigan) but, no way is that going down the Kes so…

I’ll keep you posted on what I decide to do with respect to the bay paddle.