Kestral 120 HV question.

I started in a 12’ rec kayak and there are still places I would like to go where it would be a great boat.

I paddled a Pungo 120 and it was fine until I really started cranking. Then it bogged down, probably because of my weight(235).

Would an HV be less prone to bogging?

I had a std. 120, I think is a little narrower than the HV. The Kestrel line has a long waterline for it’s length but it is still a 12’ boat. I liked it.


i have a hv
i think it an inch wider and deeper than the standard kestral …i like the boat it handles well im 230 plus and it floats fairly shallow…tracks well…and for its length cruises pretty well…all in all a fun rec boat

Bogging -:wink:
Anything will start to bog down, eventually. It depends on your tolerance for speed vs. effort whether tha bugs you or not. That and who you paddle with -:wink: (e.g. can you reasonably keep-up with them).

I would guess that any 12’x25"+ kayak will quickly hit a wall sooner rather than later compared to a longer and sleeker one. So you need to think if the upgrade in speed from the Pungo would satisfy you or you should skip the 12’ Kestrel and the likes and think of something substantially faster (and longer/narrower).