Just got back from the Kayak Center in RI with two new kayaks: Hurricane Tampico 135L for my wife and a Current Designs Kestral 140 TCS. I am very happy with our purchase and I am sure that we will enjoy them for years - maybe move up at some point. The folks at the Kayak Center were extremely knowledgeable and helpful which made for a pleasant experience all around. Thanks to all who have given me advise in my last thread.


You will have a grand time
with your new boats. I have a Hurricane Tracer and love it. My wife now has a Looksa sport but would like something lighter and I would like to get her to try a Tampico 135. Let me know how your wife is doing with her boat after she has paddled it for a while.

We have no dealers near us (closest is 4hr) that carry hurricane so it is hard to get one to for her to try.

Best of luck with your new boats