Kestrel 140 SOT

I’m close to a decision to buy a Kestrel 140 SOT. Here is my info: 3 replaced joints (knee and hips) making my Wilderness Systems Kevlar Sealution, which I LOVE, unbearable to paddle & difficult to exit after paddling. Looking for a composite with Kevlar to minimize the weight since I’m in my 60’s and like to be independent but have a high Element. Like to kayak distances for exercise so tracking is important. Might also like to paint/draw from the boat - so maneuverability is also important. Should I be looking at any other boat?

Need to know also if there are any problems with this boat. I always dream of short excursions but they haven’t taken place yet!

Hurricane Phoenix 140
Might want to take a look at this too.

Kestrel 140
Is my favorite SOT. I feel it has more of a SINK feel than most SOTs and very light.

I don’t own one but if I wanted an SOT this is the only one I would buy.