Kestrel Seat?

I’ve heard that CD had a problem with the seat in their Kestrel kayak model. Does any one know anything about it, or is this something they have already addressed.

I was looking to purchase one for a family member. Any advice? As always, thank-you all in advance.

paddle safe, LJB.

Rotomolded or TCS Kestrel?
I have paddled the standard plastic kestrel and wouldn’t see any problems with the seat, it’s bottom is plastic like the rest of the boat and the backband is just a flexible pad. Now I could see a potential problem with the stiffness of the TCS version since the seat is supported on the sides by the TCS. Seemed like if you banged down hard enough it could crack or snap off from being not as forgiving as the standard poly.

Kestrel seat
the TCS model was the boat in question. Thanks LJB.

Kestrel seat
I had the 12’ graphite model for a while. My outfitter called me about a month after delivery and said there was a seat problem and they’d send me, free of charge, a foam shim to go below the seat to give it stability and keep it from breaking.

When the shim arrived, I went to install it and found one had already been installed at the factory. With a foam shim between the seat and the hull, it’s not supposed to break even with a heavy paddler.