Kestrel wind meter feedback please.

How is durability? Thanks

I’ve had a K-2000 for over 10 years now. Packed and used regularly. Changed the impeller once. Other than that just new batteries when needed. I’d give it high marks for long term durability.


I have one and it works well, but frankly, I don’t find much need for it from a practical sense. The strength of the wind on any given day is quite obvious and you either feel comfortable paddling in it or you don’t. Knowing the exact speed is largely irrelevant, but if you just like to have data, it will definitely do the job. IMO, there are more useful pieces of gear to spend your money on.

Your right another toy. I want to make house a weather station on the water. Fun to go on upper deck and check speed. Temps of water and air got kicks also. Thanks!