I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good sea kayak tour company in Ketchikan. Preferably one that is not over priced. I am interetsed in the half day tours. One that does small group tours would be even better.



You know what they say…

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Catch as catch can in Ketchikan.

I guess that means kayak rentals too. :)

Hey, we’re going to Alaska, too!
Three glorious weeks in late June-early July. Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but there is no such thing as “reasonably priced” in Alaska!

Here’s one
Southeast Exposure

No personal experience but have heard good things.

Another option
Southeast Sea Kayaks is the other option. There the outfit I bought my Current Designs Storm from (they don’t normally have kayaks to buy in stock, I had to special order it).

I haven’t used them for tours, so have no experience there, though they seem like a pretty good outfit. Kim, the owner, is a great person.

Yooperchic is right
It’ll be hard to keep costs reasonable if you want a guided trip. (Then again, I am guessing at what you consider “reasonable.”)

The way to keep costs reasonable in AK is to do it yourself. Bring your own kayak, study the local books and maps, and guide yourself. This assumes you are not a beginner, but your profile indicates you are not.

Getting there in the first place will still be expensive. You can keep accommodations cost low by camping at Settler’s Cove State Park. Don’t know what they charge now, but in 2004 it was $10 per night. There might be a hostel in Ketchikan also.

I should have also said, you can rent kayaks by the day or even half day. There’s a visitor center downtown that the Forest Service runs that has a local kayaking guide with some good day trips. One of em doesn’t even require you to drive anywhere, just paddle around Pennock Island or explore the south end of Gravina Island. I just did that the other day, was quite fun.